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[Review] Witch's Sacrifice - Crissy Moss

Titel: Witch's Scrifice
Series: Witch's Trilogy
Author/Autor: Crissy Moss
Publisher/Verlag: Creatspace Indepentend Publishing Platform
Format: Kindle
Pages/Seiten: 311
ReleaseDate/Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2013
Synopsis: GoodReads

This book was kindly made available to me by NetGalley.

Dieses Buch ist leider nicht auf deutsch erhltlich, daher ist meine Review auch nur auf Englisch.

I really liked this book and the plot but it felt more like a prequel than an actual main story, so I had to dock one star. 

The worldbuilding is nicely done, although there is one trope in this book that I don’t like, not matter the book. I’m talking about there being a distinct end to the known world that I as a reader don’t see as an end and I don’t understand why everyone in this book/world seems to have any desire to venture outside the known boundries. Usually this happens with dystopian rather than high fantasy novels but it did happen in this book.
This book takes place in ‘the sea of tears’ and there is no indication that anyone has ever ventured past this sea.
This trope doesn’t take anything away from the book, which is why I didn’t let it influence my rating but it still is something that annoys me personally.

Another book where this bothers me to no end, although I’ve only watched the movies and haven’t read the books yet, is the hunger games. Like why do they just accept that there is nothing outside of the districts? Why? I just don’t understand it. To me as a reader it seems obvious, that the districts don’t span the whole world, yet no one ventures outside the walls/fences. And no, going a couple of meters outside the fence to hunt doesn’t count. I’m talking about actually going outside, to see what else is out there..

The characters themselves aren’t that developed, but in this case it didn’t bother me, because of the whole ‘prequel feeling’ I felt it was more about explaining the story leading up to a certain event rather than actually getting invested in the characters themselves. 

As for the plot, again I felt it was more of a prequel but I still really liked it and it was really interesting. I feel I set up the following books nicely and got me invested in the story line that developed later on. 

There were a few time jumps in the beginning that weren’t that well done in my opinion and took me out of the story when they happened, but it was easy to get into the book and  continue reading. 

Overall I quite enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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