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[Review] At Waters Edge - S McPherson

Titel: At Waters Edge
Series: The Water Rushes #1
Author/Autor: S. McPherson
Publisher/Verlag: S McPherson Books
ReleaseDate/Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2015 (GoodReads Info) 06.01.2017 (NetGalley Info)
Synopsis: GoodReads

This book was kindly made available to me by NetGalley.
Da das Buch nicht auf deutsch erhältlich ist gibt es diese Rezension auch nur auf englisch.
[English] Two Worlds. Two Girls. One Connection. Diffrent yet the same.
The premise of this books sounds very interesting and I was very excited to read it. Sadly I didn't like it as much as I tought and was only able to rate this book 3 stars.
While I don't have any real problems with the book I didn't really like either the characters or the world(s). 
The plot itself was quite interesting and I will probably continue with the series to see what happens next. While the idea of two diffrent yet similar worlds existing next to each other isn't something I haven't read about before, the idea that our protagonists have to find a magical artifact to achieve their end and that one of them has to come into her power to save the whole world isn't exactly new. But to be honest it is very hard to find something truly new, be it in fashion or literatur, so I don't really count this as a point against the book. What I truly didn't like tough was the 'the kids/teenagers are sure they know better than the adults and muck everything up but then manage to save the world after all' trope. I did really like it when it came to the Golden Trio, but I was only 10 years old when I was first introduced to them. Now I just want to throttle them, along with the Bumblebee. 
But back to the book at hand.
While the worldbuilding, again, was quite interesting it was also very confusing. While there were only little things I didn't get, they nagged at me troughout the entirety of the book and lessend my enjoyment quite a bit. 
Also there was something about the 'other world' that I just didn't like, altough I can't really put it into words, so it's probably more my problem than the books'. 
While the worlds were supposed to be quite diffrent in the past, they apperently took inspiration from each other and so there is some overlap now. But even with this explaination the similarities and diffrences seem very random.
As with the plot and the worldbuilding I also had some problem with the characters. While this book is about two girls, one from each world, two 'counterparts', only one of them has a distinct character, the other one, as well as all the friends, are quite flat. I would have really liked to have the other main characters to have deceloped characters as well and I didn't like our 'heroine' either.

The writing was somewhat confusing to me as well, as sometimes the author would use words such as 'lassie' and 'lad', which while fitting with the area the book is set in, didn't fit with the rest of the writing. 

While those are a lot of negative points and I can't really give you any positive ones I still rated this books 3 stars, because I still enjoyed reading this book and got trough it in a timely manner.

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